Spring Flag Player Pool List

IMPORTANT: Filling out this form does NOT guarantee a spot on a team. It only puts your name on a list that coaches can refer to if they are looking for players. However, if enough players in one age group sign up, we will try to form a team as long as one (or more) of the parents will take charge of the team.


If you are interested in playing spring flag, but haven’t been asked by a coach, please fill out the form below. Your name will go into a player pool that coaches may draw from if they’re looking for a player to fill their roster.

Please do not fill out the form below if a coach has already asked you to play. You may register and select the coach that asked you during registration.


We will try to get your child on a team, but cannot guarantee it, as we have limited space and limited coaches. If there are one or two in an age group on the list, we will place them on existing teams if room permits. If there are a minimum of 8 players in an age group, we will form a team from those players and ask a parent(s) to step up and coach the team. We will offer support and clinics to new coaches. It is a lot of fun and very easy to coach spring flag, so please don’t be intimidated if you have never coached before. This is a great opportunity to start getting involved at NSMF.


This is a lot of fun to coach and very easy to implement. If you would like to coach a team and need more information on how to get started, contact the Spring Flag Coordinator, and we’ll get back to you with information.

If you’re looking for players, contact the Spring Flag Coordinator to have the Player Pool List sent to you.

Player Pool Sign Up Form:

IMPORTANT: This is for players who do not have a team yet. If a coach has asked you to play already, please do not fill out this form. Thank you.

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