Policies: Refunds & Volunteers


Quits and Releases

Spring Flag

There are No Refunds for Spring Flag.

Fall Football and Cheer

No Refunds after September 6th. Any applicable refund will be mailed, contingent to equipment returned and received in good condition.


Refund = 100% of registration less 10% administration fee less 5% per week until equipment is returned and received in good condition. Not applicable to quits after September 6th.


Refund = 100% of registration less 10% administration fee. Equipment must be returned within seven days.

** Please note that Football Canada, BCPFA and BCCFA fees (included in your registration) are NOT REFUNDABLE.

Volunteer Expectations

Each family with a child playing or cheering is expected to volunteer. The team and squad managers will work with their volunteers to accommodate a schedule.

A football game can only start when:

  1. Game field is set up
  2. Game Commissioner has filled out paperwork and is in place
  3. 10-Play Counters in place
  4. Stick  crew in place

The concession can only open when:

  • At least three concession workers are in place. Concession workers must be 16 years old or older.

Attention all Grade 10, 11 and 12 students

If you are registered to play football or cheerlead, or have a sibling playing for North Surrey Minor Football this season, please contact the NSMF Secretary, if you would like to obtain volunteer/community service hours required for grade 12 graduation.