Policies: Refunds, Volunteers, Uniform and Equipment Return, and Parent Code of Conduct


**please note: Annual BCPFA membership and seasonal Football Canada fees are NOT REFUNDABLE at any time once registered.

Spring Flag

There are No Refunds for Spring Flag.

Fall Football and Cheer

No Refunds after August 15th (September 6th for Midget). Any applicable refund will be credited or refunded, contingent to equipment returned and received in good condition.


Refund = 100% of registration less 10% administration fee less 5% per week until equipment is returned and received in good condition. Not applicable to quits after August 15th (September 6th for Midget)

** Please note that Football Canada and BCPFA fees (included in your registration) are NOT REFUNDABLE.


Refund = 100% of registration. Equipment must be returned within seven days from date of release of fees may be charged.

** Please note that Football Canada and BCPFA fees (included in your registration) are NOT REFUNDABLE.


A $200 volunteer deposits cheque will be required at the time of registration from each family. This will be returned at the end of the season provided the family has completed the minimum volunteer time throughout the season.

If you have not completed your volunteer hours, or if you do not show up for your assigned volunteer shift, cheques will be cashed.

Cheques to be made out to North Surrey Minor Football and given to the Club Secretary or your team manager.

North Surrey Minor Football is operated solely by volunteers. Most Sunday game days require up to thirty (30) volunteers throughout the day. Each game played away from our home field requires a minimum of two (2) volunteers. Parent/guardians of registered football players and cheerleaders will be required to volunteer. Examples of game-day volunteer duties include: concession workers, stick crew, 10-play counters, game commissioners and merchandise sales. Our teams visions cannot play without you!

Tour team/squad manager will work with you to arrange a schedule on your team/squad’s volunteer days. This is a great way to get to know the other parents and players on your team and invest in your community.

We ask that every North Surrey family contributes a minimum of 12 hours volunteer time for Football divisions Atom, Pee Wee, Junior Bantam, Bantam and Midget and a minimum of 6 hours for Fall Flag and Cheer (hours are based on family – not per child)

Registrations will be considered incomplete until Volunteer and Equipment deposit cheques have been received for the season.

We appreciate that many parents do bring snacks, take photos or provide home made items for the team members however this is not included int the volunteer requirements. Assigned volunteer shifts are ones that impact game-day operations.

North Surrey Minor Football is also always looking for volunteers to assist in our day to day operations. If you are interested in volunteering in a different capacity, please contact any executive member to discuss.

North Surrey Minor Football provides training and guidance for all volunteer positions.

Please note that we also offer volunteer hours for any high school students 14 years or,  older. If you have a student interested please let us know.


Each athlete participating in Football or Cheer are issued regulation NSMF uniform and equipment. Uniforms and equipment are very expensive and we try to get several seasons of use which means that they will be handed out/assigned to athletes for a season and MUST be returned at the end of that season. Coaches will give detailed instructions, or each uniform/equipment package contains instructions on washing and drying procedures and also how the uniform/equipment is to be returned at the end of the season.

  1. A $300 equipment deposit cheque must be made prior to equipment being given out. Cheques will be returned when equipment is returned by December 15, 2023 in clean condition and with no missing items.
  2. Equipment will NOT be issued until all Registration and deposit cheques are       received (equipment and volunteer cheques)
  3. Athletes who have failed to return their uniform/equipment will have their deposit cheques cashed. All equipment must be returned to the clubhouse in clean and complete condition by DECEMBER 15TH, 2023.
  4. Future participation may be “on hold” until uniform/equipment is returned. If after multiple attempts to contact the player/parents for equipment return has not been addressed after December 1, an invoice for the cost of the equipment will be sent to the parents for payment.


Youth sports programs are for the development of children’s confidence, character and sportsmanship. As parents/spectators we ask that you encourage fostering these characteristics in youth sports programs at North Surrey Minor Football.

We ask that you respect the following guidelines: 

  •  Encourage participation of players on both teams regardless of the result 
  • Celebrate the little things as well as the big moments with your child, rather than criticizing how they played. These are children not professional athletes. 
  • Discuss and allow child to make decisions about participating in programs at NSMF 
  • Focus on the character development and discipline of the sport as a parent/spectator, and allow the coaching staff to coach the skill set for player development 
  • Discuss health and well-being of all players, including playing with sportsmanship in mind with your child  
  • Criticizing players, coaches and officials teaches youth that this behavior is ok! As a parent/spectator lead by example and eliminate this type of negative behavior, as it will not be tolerated. 
  • Any abusive or foul language will not be tolerated and could result in an ejection from the field or park.
  • Online comments or cyber-bullying in chats, blogs, team pages on Facebook or any other social media will not be tolerated 
  • Smoking and/or Vaping of any substance (including tobacco and marijuana) is not permitted in the practice or game area or in and around the spectator stands/viewing area.  
  • Advise the coaching staff and the association of any physical or mental requirements for your child as it will assist coaches in player development  
  • Youth sports programs at NSMF teach children to respect coaches, officials, and opponents.
  • We will teach our children to play by the rules of the game and resolve all conflicts without resorting to any hostile or violent behavior. 
  • All concerns about child will be addressed thru the team manager 
  • Coming to team bench on game day is strictly forbidden 
  • The code of conduct is in affect at all home and away events
  • All parents and spectators must adhere must adhere to NSMF and BCPFA Covid-19 related guidelines related to illness, social distancing, facility access as outlined in the BCPFA and NSMF Return to Sport Guidelines.

Violations to Code of Conduct:

  • Individuals will be given one warning for inappropriate actions by the team staff 
  • Individuals that continue to violate the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the field area  
  • Repeated or continued violations to the Code of Conduct may result in loss of association privileges and/or other sanctions as deemed necessary by Executive board of North Surrey Minor Football  


Football Canada Concussion Information Sheet