Spring Flag Coaches Info

– please follow for updates, scores and other coaching info.

Coaching Eligibility

To coach in the Spring Flag League at NSMF, you will need to get a Criminal Record Check and sign a Coaches Code of Conduct, as well as the approval from the NSMF executive. There are also coaches training and certification that will be required. This is provided by the league.

Though you can have as many coaches as you want, only 2 coaches are allowed on the sidelines on game days. All other coaches and parents must watch from the designated areas, usually the end zones or bleachers.

Coaches’ Responsibility

The Head Coach will be responsible for:

  • ensuring the roster has a min. 8 and max. 12 players.
  • administration of the team (ask a parent to act as manager)
  • setting practice times
  • complete rosters to be handed in on time

If the above items are not all completed by the set deadlines, your team will not be entered.

Player Eligibility & Roster Makeup

  1. Rosters must have a minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 players.
  2. Team roster books are available at the clubhouse. As a NSMF Coach you have access to these books. Ask to view the books at the clubhouse.

There are plenty of athletes in our association, so please respect other coaches’ rosters and do not recruit players from existing teams.



Players will submit their jersey and shorts size when they register. I will use these sizes to order all the team jerseys. Jersey orders must be in by March 5th at the latest, in order to ensure jerseys are in time for the 1st Jamboree. Coaches need to let the registrar know if they have players that will not be able to register prior to March 5th.


We will be purchasing flags for all players in time for 1st jamboree.

Balls, Cones, and Bean Bags

Please arrange a time with the equipment manager to pickup flags, balls, cones for practices.

Where do I start?

If you are interested in coaching a team and need more information on how to get started, email the Registrar, and he’ll get back to you and answer all your questions.

The Ball

a) The game is played with the VMFL approved game ball as indicated in Table T2‐A or as otherwise determined or approved from time to time by a Majority Resolution:

  • U10 – Flag, Atom Size 5 K2
  • U12 – Peewee Size 6 TDJ
  • U14 – Junior Bantam Size 7 TDY
  • U16 – Bantam Size 9 TDS Spalding J5V
  • U19 – Midget Size 9 TDS Spalding J5V