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Raptors 2014

2014 Coaching Staff

Head Coach Raf Belgrave
Assistant Coaches Cory Bagnall
Shane Rasmussen
Colton Doyle
James Day
Peter McCague
Manager Leah Anton
Trainers Mike Anton
Pat Mullis

Raptors Schedule

Opening Day Jamboree and BBQ will be held at Norgate Park on Sunday, September 7, 2014 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

With the increased registration of 12 and 13 year old players in the Junior Bantam division, NSMF made the decision to add a 3rd JB team to it’s arsenal. And so, the North Surrey Raptors were born.

Led by Head Coach Raf Belgrave, the Raptors will play in the popular GSL League (formerly Gordon Sturtridge Football League) Minor Division based out of the North Shore.

This 3rd team allows NS to re-open registration to any 12 or 13 year old JB players wanting to get in on the action. Click here for more information on registration, or drop into the Bear Creek Clubhouse to register.