Spring Flag Week 3

hugh-boyd-field-mapWeek 3 Results:

U10 Warriors 2-2
U10 Eagles 0-4

U12 Rebels 0-4
U12 Destroyers 3-0-1
U12 Wolfpack 0-4
U14 Mud dawgs 2-1-1
U14 Destroyers 4-0
U14 Outlaws 2-2

U16 Bad boys 3-0
U16 Vipers 1-3
U16 Panthers 1-3

U19 Dot City 2-2

The schedules for Week 3 have been uploaded to Team Snap. The schedules are also now available on our newly launched website. Visit www.vmfl.ca/all-schedule.

For week 3 we are at Hugh Boyd Athletic Park in Richmond.