Redzone 6on6 Touch Tournament


Daved Benefield and I would like to personally invite players from North Surrey to the Red Zone Challenge Tournament.

This 6 on 6 Touch Football Challenge will be played on the beach at KitsFest on August 6 & 7.

Teams from U12 to U19 will be competing, having fun, and showcasing the game.

If you have any questions, you can email Sanjay Prasad at or call at 778-322-9742.

  • Each team begins its offensive possession inside the RED ZONE (20 yard line); The offence will have 4 downs to make a 1st down; then it’s GOAL TO GO
  • The Offence can only rush on one play per offensive series; The defence can only rush the quarterback on one play per offensive series.
  • A 15 second play clock will be in effect; the QB will have 4 seconds to release the ball
  • Game length is 5 minutes or after each team has had 3 offensive possessions; which ever is shorter
  • Games for U12, U14, U16 U19 and U35

For more information or to Register, CLICK HERE.