Playoff Picture 2015

12219547_10153072647727131_6482617123458118095_nNovemeber 30, 2015

It wasn’t quite the day we were hoping for at North Surrey. Though sunny, the frozen temperatures brought on a cold front to all 3 of our teams as we watched them all drop one by one.

Our Atom Lions fell to the Cloverdale Lions 44-14 in the early game. Then our Bantam Tigers were taken down in South Delta by the Rams, 37-6 and finally, our Midget Bears were upset by the Victoria Spartans, 20-17 in a nail-biter.

These teams, and all the NS teams, had a great 2015 Fall Season and showed great poise and sportsmanship throughout the campaign, adhering to the new NSMF catchphrase, “Effort and Respect.”

Congratulations and good luck to the Rams and Spartans next week in the BCCFA Championships and congratulations to the Cloverdale Lions, the 2015 VMFL Champions.

November 29, 2015


Final regular season games were played this past weekend.

North Surrey Bears and Langley Stampeders finished the season tied for first, with identical 9-1 records. North Surrey defeated Langley (15-14) on September 27 and finishes first, based on better head to head record.

Chilliwack Giants and Victoria Spartans finished the season tied for third, with identical 7-3 records. Chilliwack defeated Victoria (31-14) on September 6 and finishes third, based on better head to head record.

Atom game is the VMFL Championship. Bantam and Midget Games are BCCFA Semi-Final games. Winners will play in the BCCFA Provincials Championships on Dec. 6th at McLeod Stadium in Langley.

Schedule & Results

November 22, 2015

We lost a team in each division under Bantam, in the first week of playoffs. Our T-Birds fell to Coquitlam in Atom, Hawks lost to Coquitlam in Peewee and the Eagles were taken out by Cloverdale in Junior Bantam.

With victories, and moving on to week 2 of the playoffs are the Lions (2) who host Coquitlam (5), Cardinals (3) traveling to North Delta (2) and Falcons (4) visiting Cloverdale (1). Congratulations to those teams and good luck this Sunday

The Bantam Tigers start their playoff run next weekend on November 29th. Check back for details as they come in.

Our Midget Bears finish up their regular season play with a home game under the lights at Bear Creek Park this Saturday, November 21st. The Bears are battling for a first place finish in the Midget Division as they take on the Cloverdale Bengals.

November 15, 2015

Though this coming Sunday is still the regular season for our Midget Bears, the rest of the divisions are now in full Playoff Mode!

This is the 2nd year in a row, that NSMF has qualified 100% of our teams for the VMFL playoffs. We qualified a team in the Top 4 of every division, and two Top 4 teams in Atom which means we will host 5 home playoff games at Bear Creek Park. This is an outstanding achievement on behalf of all of our coaches, players, and executive.

Here’s are the final standings:


  1. Cloverdale Lions
  2. North Surrey Lions
  3. Coquitlam Tigers
  4. North Surrey T-Birds
  5. Coquitlam Lions
  6. Cloverdale Tigers
  7. N. Delta Longhorns
  8. Royal City Hyacks
  9. S. Delta Rams
  10. WRSS Titans
  11. Langley Broncos
  12. Richmond Raider

CMFA Lions & NSMF T-Birds finished with identical 7 – 3 records. The NSMF T-Birds defeated the CMFA Lions (24 – 8) on September 27, so finish 4th.


  1. Coquitlam Wildcats
  2. N. Delta Longhorns
  3. N. Surrey Cardinals
  4. Coquitlam Wolverines
  5. N. Surrey Hawks
  6. S. Delta rams
  7. Cloverdale Bobcats
  8. WRSS Titans
  9. Langley Cowboys

North Delta Longhorns & NSMF Cardinals finished with identical 8 – 2 records. The ND Longhorns defeated the NSMF Cardinals (40 – 0) on October 11, so finish 2nd.


  1. Cloverdale Cougars
  2. Coquitlam Raiders
  3. South Delta Rams
  4. North Surrey Falcons
  5. Royal City Hyacks
  6. Victoria Renegades
  7. N. Delta Longhorns
  8. North Surrey Eagles
  9. WRSS Titans
  10. Langley Outlaws
  11. Richmond Raiders

Cloverdale Cougars, Coquitlam Raiders and South Delta Rams finished with identical 7 – 1 records. Cloverdale is placed 1st, Coquitlam 2nd and S. Delta 3rd, based on combined winning percentage of opponents.
North Surrey Eagles and North Delta Longhorns finished with identical 3 – 5 records. N. Delta Longhorns defeated the North Surrey Eagles (16 – 7) in week 3, so finish in 7th.
WRSS Titans and Langley Outlaws finished with identical 1 – 7 records. The WRSS Titans defeated the Langley Outlaws (31 – 12) on October 25, so finish in 9th.


  1. S. Delta Rams
  2. North Langley Bears
  3. Victoria Spartans
  4. North Surrey Tigers
  5. Abbotsford Falcons
  6. Chilliwack Giants
  7. Langley Mustangs
  8. N. Delta Longhorns

Victoria Spartans and NSMF Tigers finish with identical 7 – 3 records. The Victoria Spartans defeated the North Surrey Tigers (23 – 7) on October 11, so finish in 3rd.
North Delta Longhorns and Langley Mustangs finish with identical 1 – 9 records. Langley Mustangs defeated the ND Longhorns (13 – 0) on October 11, so finish in 7th