Volunteer Directory

Elected Executive
January 2020
President Jean McPherson
1st Vice President John Hocking
2nd Vice President Jolene Lorteau
Directors Shar Jaggard
Matt Mercier
Adam JenkinsOral McPherson
Callie Saunderson
Jessica Laforge  Zeenath Rahiman
Secretary Kat Houseman
Treasurer Chaye Woodford
Past Presidents Joe Connelly
Shafeel Rahiman
Keith Wright
Rob Mountford →
Appointed Positions
Please contact Jean if you would like to volunteer for any of these appointed positions or any other help you may be able to contribute to the association.
Coaching Coordinator Oral McPherson and Joe Connelly
Equipment Manager John Hocking
Spring Flag Coordinator Adam Jenkins
Manager Coordinator Zeenath Rahiman
Registrar Kat Houseman
Events & Fundraising Shar Jaggard
Cheerleading Coordinator Callie Saunderson and
Jessica Laforge
Field Maintenance Matt Mercier
Field Equipment Coordinator Matt Mercier
Website Administrator Jean McPherson
Merchandising Coordinator
Concession Coordinator Coral Warner