NSMF Week 3

Results & Photo Gallery

Here are the NSMF results and some images from Week 3 of the 2014 VFML Fall Season. If you have some great images you’d like to share, email them to the webmaster and they’ll be added to the gallery.

Results & Standings

Div Home Team Score Visitor Score
AT NS T-birds 46 Richmond Raiders 6
AT NS Lions 44 SD Rams 14
JB NS Falcons 16 ND Longhorns 28
JB NS Eagles 18 Royal City Hyacks 44
M NS Bears 56 Cloverdale Bengals 0
FL Westside Warriors White 24 NS Seahawks 0
PW Cloverdale Bobcats 6 NS Hawks 6
PW SD Rams 8 NS Cardinals 42
B ND Longhorns 33 NS Tigers 12
FL Coquitlam Crushers 6 NS Firebirds (@ND) 0
FL Langley Bandits 32 NS Ravens (@ND) 28
JB GSL North Shore Lions 32 NS Raptors 12