Notice of NSMF Annual General Meeting

Posted December 15, 2015

gavel meeting agmMonday, January 18, 2016

Dear Members,

Notice is hereby given to all members that the Annual General Meeting of North Surrey Minor Football will be held on Monday, January 18th, 2016 at the Bear Creek Clubhouse to conduct the following businesses:


  1. President’s Report.
  2. Confirm and approve minutes of the AGM held on January 19th, 2015.
  3. Receive and adopt annual Financial Report for 2015.
  4. Election of Directors/Executive for 2016.
  5. Review and Vote to adopt updated Constitution and Bylaws.

Please note that:

Only members of the society are eligible to attend and participate in the meeting according to the by-laws of the society. No proxy attendance or voting will be allowed.

Copies of the DRAFT Constitution and Bylaws were made available at the December 2015 Monthly Meeting and additional copies are available in the clubhouse for review prior to the AGM.

In addition, below is the list of members eligible to VOTE (4 meetings attended) and eligible to RUN (6 meetings attended) based on our current Bylaws and attendance in 2015.

Eligible to Vote (4 meetings)

Mike Carlon
Debbie Carroll
Mohammed Faiyaz
Nathan Horkoff
Andy Lorteau
Carson Marquardt
Zeenath Rahiman
Sasha Stewart
Wayne VanBuskirk

Eligible to Vote/Run (6 meetings)

Terry Bodnarchuk
Mike Carroll
Joe Connelly
Dave Dhaliwal
Ereen Dizon
Sean Dolynski
Christie Griskevitch
Jim Head
Derek Henneberry
John Hocking
Shar Jaggard
Adam Jenkins
John Kirkbride
Bernie Marquardt
Jean McPherson
Oral McPherson
Shafeel Rahiman
Preet Singh
Chris Stadnyk
Amber Stewart
Andrew Swan
Brandon Vieira
Sabrina Vieira
Tony Vieira
Kim Walters

If you have a question about your attendance please contact Jean McPherson.