New Look for NSMF

New Helmet Design

North Surrey Minor Football has revealed their new helmet design for the upcoming 2015 Fall season. The project, spearheaded by NS Falcons Head Coach, Sean Dolynski, was initiated to update the overall look and make it more appealing to the young players.

New to the NSMF helmet is the side emblem decals with a stylized NS and scratch marks that any one of North Surrey’s team nickname animals could make with their claws or talons. The old black/gold/black stripes have also been modernized with the roughened claw mark design. Changing the face masks from grey to jet black, added the finishing touch to this kick butt helmet.

New uniforms have also been redesigned and will be used this season by the Midget Bears, while the Bantam Tigers will get new jerseys. Over the next few years, the new uniforms will filter down to all levels at North Surrey Minor Football.

Stay tuned for the big uniform reveal coming soon.