Football and Cheer Covid-19 and refund update May 20th, 2020 and May 29th


As of 4:30pm this afternoon, we have received confirmation from esportsdesk that they have finally processed all credit card refunds. 

You should start seeing the refunds on your credit cards next week as it can take a few days for some card providers.

May 20th Update

Parents, I want to take a minute to update you. Today, BCPFA (Provincial governing body) sent out 2 emails with updates to all football and cheer families in BC.

The 1st email was focused on Return to Play and outlines the steps the Province has to follow so that the individual leagues can play. Our league is working on assisting with defining what that might look like, but the final approval and go ahead comes from the Provincial body and affects all Community Football clubs in BC.

The 2nd email was supposed to be about refunds, but it seems there was a mixup and the wrong email was sent. I wish I could give you a proper update here, but unfortunately the communication to the football clubs on this topic has has been limited. We have been pushing for updates for weeks.

There are 2 situations related to refunds.
1 – if you paid North Surrey directly (this means you registered using our NS Web Registration page and paid NS directly by cash, check, etransfer, debit), we have reached out to you all and these refunds have been processed, checks written and mailed. If you have not received your check, let us know, and we can confirm, but as noted, they have all been mailed.
2 – if you registered with esportsdesk and paid with a credit card…this is the frustrating part (and trust me I am right there with you)…. Esportsdesk has this money and opted to handle the refunds themselves rather than dispersing the money to the clubs for us to refund.. PLEASE NOTE THIS AFFECTS ALL CLUBS, NOT JUST NS… there are thousands of player registrations for BC Football they are dealing with in this unusual situation. Clubs do not have control over these refunds and we have been pushing to have the process sped up.

If you have questions about your credit card refund and when it will be processed, feel free to contact esportsdesk at 1.604.235.1987

I also need to say it, and I can’t believe I have to, but no one at North Surrey football is holding your money. We have long processed the refunds we were in control of. There is no need to threaten or abuse this great group of volunteers. If you have questions, I am happy to have a civil conversation about the situation and I will tell you everything I know about the status of return to play, thoughts and plans around safety for players, parents and volunteers and refunds, but we will not respond to those parents who are threatening or abusive about a situation that is beyond our control.
For those of you that have been patient and understanding, thank you! 🖤💛

The NS executive has been working hard to make this situation as smooth as we can and working towards a safe return for our kids to the sport they love.

Jean McPherson
President, North Surrey Minor Football 🖤💛