Coaching Certification

A reminder to All Associations:

The 2 day course offered August 19th & 20th is the last opportunity for your coaching staff to attend and be certified re: Intro to Competition which is required to coach at the higher levels particularly re: the J.B. – Midget Divisions.

As it was not required under the previous coaching standards those coaches that had taken Intro to Competition prior to its existence are now required to attend the Safe Contact portion of the course (Day 2) and complete the Making Headway portion online.

All other coaches intending to coach from Bantam – Midget are required to attend both days and if they have not done so complete the Making Headway and Making Ethical decisions portion online.

All coaches must complete the Making Headway, Safe Contact, and Making ethical Decisions but only the Head Coach @ J.B. Division is required to take the Intro to Competition (2 day Course).

Important note:

It has come to our attention that:

All coaches “certified” in Safe Contact by their respective Associations Coaches Co-ordinator last year are NOT in fact certified and must attend the Safe Contact portion of Clinic in order to be on the sidelines.

Despite the B.C.C.F.A telling the V.M.F.L. that all Community Coaches training costs would be covered by them, coaches are still being asked to pay for the Making Ethical Decisions on line.

I did ask if the B.C.C.F.A. would be providing a voucher for Associations to use and was told that “after Cory (Cory Philpot) investigated through the BCCFA – there seems to be nothing said or put aside for $ to support the MED online costs. On the football side – once the coaches have finished the 2 hours regarding the skill positions work and evaluation – along with the 3 modules they just completed – they will be able to go one line to complete the MED.”

Unfortunately this means that ALL Coaches or Associations will be responsible for the costs of that portion of their training. (As was decided @ our recent Presidents Meeting this would also include all Cheer Coaches as well.)

Thank You,

Gordon Francis

VMFL Head of Coaching