Another Football Opportunity: ABC Border Bowl 2015

ABC-BorderBowl-2015NOTE: Last Tryout March 22 in Abby.

BC Border Bowls is hosted by Ron Dias at All Canada Gridiron. These are ALL STAR BC teams that play ALL STAR Alberta teams only. With respect to Team BC teams – we would like to clarify that this is not TEAM BC. Nor is this is affiliated with NSMF.

More info on the ABC Border Bowls Facebook Page.

The sole purpose is of these teams are to start getting our talent on the radar and seen and to keep the players focused on education and give them an experience on an all star team. This spring the games will be in Kamloops and the teams will be staying at Thompson Rivers University Dorms – what a fantastic experience! We took the Grades 8 and 9 team and the Grades 10 and 11 to Olds College, Alberta last spring and hosted a Current Stars Grade 12 game between BC and Alberta this past December. – The feedback has been really good.

Only 1 tryout necessary and the team is finalized and then in the first weekend of May there is an insertion camp (2 practices a day over a weekend) in Abbotsford with the game May 23 at Hillside Stadium in Kamloops. The players will be staying at Thompson Rivers University dorms.

Ron Dias has this format back East. He holds these games to bring exposure for kids in Alberta and British Columbia for 22 North American colleges. He speaks to the kids about how education and football and getting them post secondary ready. He creates a list of players, with their testing scores and then holds the high exposure game. All rosters are sent to 22 universities before the games and I have been copied on the emails and responses and some university coaches have connected with me. You can add him on facebook at ALL CANADA GRIDIRON to see the kids that have played in these games and went into university.

Please note that this is a PROFIT organization. All coaching staff is volunteer and so are the coordinators and myself. We do it for the kids and are given swag packages, free accomodations, travel and meal to the game.

Ron Dias has a 40 page insurance package that he can give parents to review.

Coordinator: Chel Sanghera
General Manager: Jill Ogloff
Production Crew: VBN
Coaching Staff: Valley Community Football Coaches (solely because I know them and because they have much the same philosophy as myself)

The teams this spring will be:

  • BC Young Stars: Grades 6 and 7 Head Coach:
  • BC Future Stars: Grades 8 and 9
  • BC Rising Stars: Grades 10 and 11

The tryouts are $50.00.

The cost for being on the team will be $500.00 approximately. This includes hotel accommodations, travel. meals, swag package, trainers, jerseys, referee fees, and venue fees and any other costs associated to host this game.


  • Richmond – February 28 7:00am to 9:30am Sportstown (inside)
  • Kelowna – March 21 Capital News Centre 8:00am to 10:00am Field #1
  • Abbotsford – March 22 1:00pm to 4:00pm Mouat Turf Field

We have a group on facebook called BC Young Stars, BC Future Stars, BC Rising Stars, BC Current Stars and it has more explanation of this. Please feel free to share this information with your memberships and anyone can join the facebook group. This way they can browse it and see if this something they want to try out for. The FACEBOOK group is continously updated and the forum for questions.

An example of the game format will be December 13, 2014 – you can watch online the Grade 12 game BC Current Stars VS. Alberta Current Stars. This is located For this one game alone we had 787 viewers online!

Thank you,
ABC Border Bowls
Twitter: @BCBorderBowls
Facebook: BC Young Stars, BC Future Stars, BC Rising Stars, BC Current Stars