2020 Season Week by Week

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Week 2


Ravens 14-6 (win)
Seahawks 6-2 (win)
Lions 8-7 (win)
TBirds 18-48 (loss)
Cardinals 24-0 (win)
Falcons 31-0 (win)
Panthers 18-18 (tie)
Tigers 32-6 (win)
Bears 12-6 (win)

“Players of the Week”

Week 1 (including Game Reports if provided by Coaches)

Ravens 0-34 (loss)
Seahawks 18-6 (win)
Lions 19-6 (win)
TBirds 0-13 (loss)
Cardinals 0-26 (loss)
Falcons 32-0 (win)
Panthers 0-6 (loss)
Tigers 28-34 (loss)
Bears 12-8 (win)

“Players of the Week”

Lions: Sukhzara, TBirds: Aamir, Cardinals: Lynden, Falcons: Isaiah, Bears: Kevin

Atom Cheer: Caitlyn, PW Cheer: Danika, JB Cheer: Dakoha, Senior Cheer: Aleana

Thank you to @NSMFDameDay for the photos