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Previously registered players don’t have to re-register (but they can change their location choice by emailing We will also be taking new registrations for these sessions online up to 24 hours before the combine.

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Feb. 25, 2014
Due to inclement weather, both of Tuesday’s Combine sessions (Abbotsford & Burnaby) have been postponed until further notice. The re-scheduled times will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and our website when they have been confirmed. We will honour your registration at the make-up date for the same site you have chosen. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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New Combine Announced:
February 25 – Burnaby Lake West Sports Complex – field TBA (Burnaby)
5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
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Players must attend a session to be eligible for provincial programs in 2014

Football BC has released its 2014 Provincial Combine Series schedule. The Combine Series provides players with an opportunity to be evaluated by Football BC’s provincial coaches and is the first step for getting on the radar to be part of one of Football BC’s provincial programs (i.e. Team BC and Senior Bowl).

Football BC teamFor the 2014 season, all players who wish to be eligible to be a part of one of Football BC’s provincial programs must evaluated by a Football BC provincial coach. The Combine Series provides an opportunity for all players across the province to have access to an evaluation session in an area close by to them.

The 2014 sessions are as follows:

Friday, January 31 –
The Charles Jago Northern Sports Centre, Prince George

Monday, February 10 –
Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond

Sunday, February 16 –
Merle Logan Field, Nanaimo

Sunday, February 23 –
*New Location: United Dome, Kelowna
10 am to 12:30 pm – Grade 6/7/8, U15 & U16
12:30 to 3 pm – U18 & Senior Bowl

Tuesday, February 25 -FULL-
W.J. Mouat Secondary School, Abbotsford
3 pm to 5:30 pm – All categories
This combine date has filled up. Another date and location will be added soon.

*Specific times for each session will be announced at a later date*

Online registration is now available here →. Register on or before January 1 and save!

  • $50 – Online registration on or before January 1
  • $60 – Online registration after January 1
  • $70 – Walk-up registration

*Online registration closes one week prior to the start of each session.

Not sure which session to attend? Please see the guide below.

  • Senior Bowl: Must be currently in Grade 12 and graduating in June 2014
  • U18: Born in 1997 or 1998
  • U15/U16: Born in 1999 or 2000
  • Grade 6/7/8: Born in 2001, 2002 or 2003. Your “team grade” will be one grade higher than you are currently in. For example, if you are currently in Grade 6, then you are trying out for the Grade 7 team as you will be in that grade when the next season begins.

Football BC’s aim is to provide all football players all football players across the province an opportunity to play for our province and be exposed to the greater football world across Canada and the United States.

ALL PLAYERS currently involved in football should attend one of the Combine Series sessions. It will not only allow you to have an opportunity to see how your abilities stack up against other players in the province, but you will make yourself eligible to be involved in Football BC’s provincial programs in 2014 – that means an opportunity to potentially represent B.C. whether that’s as a member of Team BC (Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, U15, U16 or U18) or taking part in the Senior Bowl camp for graduating Grade 12 players.

COACHES at all levels should encourage their players to sign up for a Combine Series session. This is not only a tremendous opportunity to get an opportunity to work with top-level coaches during the off-season but also helps keep football on their minds year-round. Having a player from your program selected to represent Team BC also brings tremendous recognition to your program and the only way to be selected to play on Team BC is to first go through one of these Combine sessions.


The Combine is an opportunity for players to display their talents while being evaluated by experienced and trained coaches.

Players participating in the Combines are expected to show up on time and in top shape.

No equipment is required, but players should dress in comfortable clothing and bring proper footwear (all Combines are on turf fields except for the Richmond Combine which takes place on a special sport court similar to a gym floor). Mouth guards are recommended.


Dynamic Warm-Up:

Coaches will watch the players warm-up carefully as there are many indicators within the warm-up that help in a coach’s evaluation. Coaches will assist the ease in which athletes perform stretches and light movements that indicate balance, coordination and flexibility. Coaches will also determine early indicators of speed, change of direction and strength.

Standard Tests:

These tests are used throughout the football world as an evaluation tool and a means of comparison and setting goals.

  • 40-yard dash – an indication of speed and acceleration
  • 10-yard dash – an indication of explosive speed
  • Broad Jump – measures overall power and explosiveness
  • I-Test – measures agility, quickness and change of direction
  • Push-ups/Bench Press – upper-body strength and muscular endurance
  • L-test – combination of speed, quickness and change of direction (not always done)

Football Specific Drills:

Coaches will work with a group of players in a specific position performing drills that relate to the demands of that position. They will assess footwork, ability to play low and with leverage, as well as eyes and body positioning. A brief example is given for each position below:

  • Quarterbacks – throwing
  • Receivers – catching
  • Running Backs – ball security
  • O-Line – power base and hand placement
  • D-Line – explosive get off and hand placement
  • Linebackers – body positioning and hand placement
  • Defensive Backs – back pedals and breaks

One on Ones:

Coaches will assess each player’s skills against an opponent. The player will display knowledge of the game and ability to adapt during action. The drill will have a winner and a loser so the result is a measurement coaches can decide on. At the end of the day we want to know if this player can “make plays.”

The Intangibles:

Throughout the Combine, coaches will also assess the following characteristics that ultimately determine our ability to put the team together. Some of the questions we want answered include:

  • Does the player display a positive attitude towards football and other players?
  • Does the player complete the drill from start to finish with full effort?
  • Does the player listen to directions and apply them quickly?
  • Does the player focus on the task or is he easily distracted?

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the Provincial Combine. We hope to see as many players as possible starting at the end of this month and throughout February.

If you have any questions about the Combine, contact Football BC Technical Director Dino Geremia at or call 604-816-5157.